Extreme Paranormal

Extreme Paranormal on A&E

After only a year and a half of broadcasting The Ghostman & Demon Hunter Show, Nathan Schoonover and Shaun Burris were contacted by Drew Brown of Brownstone Productions—the former producer for Paranormal State—to create a new paranormal program based on their weekly broadcasts.

The original plan was to create a light hearted program–Playing with Fire–which featured extreme experiments to discover if there was truth behind the many different techniques said to be used contact the dead.

The guys were then joined by friend of the show, Jason Gowin, and the team at Painless Productions.

Under an agreement with A&E, it was decided to focus the show on the darker side of the paranormal, with Nathan, Shaun and Jason trying to collect proof of haunted locations.

They filmed at four locations which were made into two, one-hour specials called Extreme Paranormal. The show was considered by many to be the most controversial paranormal program ever.

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