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My name is Nathan Schoonover. I am a student of history and the occult, as well as a Master Mason. I am also a paranormal researcher and skeptic. I believe in the possibilities of the paranormal and I accept that there may be evidence to support it; however, I do not believe anyone has captured proof of its existence. I’ve spent 20 years working with ghost hunters, psychics and other researchers; I’ve peeked in back doors, watched occult ceremonies, and joined in pagan rituals even though I’m not a pagan myself; I have spent years talking with paranormal witnesses and studying the philosophies of believers and nonbelievers in the supernatural. I was a consultant on the “Everything Ghost Hunting Book.” As a trained physician’s lab technician I am very methodical in my research. I have recently appeared on Travel Channel’s “Paranormal Challenge” as an investigator, in 2009 I was co-host of A&E’s two-night special “Extreme Paranormal,” and in 2007 I appeared as a local historian for’s “Streets of Fear.” I also appeared as an EVP specialist on a supernatural episode of the Maury Show and have recently appeared as a skeptic on a new web series call Paranormal Valley. I was co-host of the “Ghostman & Demon Hunter” radio show from 2007-2011. Our show was voted one of the Top Ten Paranormal Shows in America by Haunted American Tours for three consecutive years.

G&D Show with guest Scott Wilson of The Walking Dead

The Ghostman Shaun B and Nathan S aka The Demon Hunter are jointed by guest Scott Wilson aka Hershel Greene of The Walking Dead for a special episode of The G&D Show! You can listen in Live at

and of course you can always find The Ghostman & Demon Hunter Show on their web page at

Find G&D on Facebook at


Scott Wilson on G&D

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Don Wildman March 24th on Ghostman & Demon Hunter

I’ve been told that Don Wildman is nearly every women’s fantasy. Funny, I always thought it was the Ghostman & Demon Hunter. Well now you get them all, this Sunday on The G&D Show!


Sunday, March 24th @ 7:00 PM Eastern on Ghostman & Demon Hunter – guest Don Wildman of Mysteries at the Museum and Off Limits!

Special thanks for the art work goes to Jason Butler of Creations By Sole’s Denounce

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The Walking Dead on G&D with guest Michael Rooker

Who would have thought they’d say yes. My Co-host Shaun called Michael Rooker, “Merle” of the Walking Dead’s, agent and said “We would love to have Mike on the show, would he come on and talk to us? The answer, the typical send us your info and we’ll see what we can do. So we did and Shaun called back not expecting the answer we got. “Yes, Michael would love to be on your show.” I can’t even tell you how excited I am. One hour before the Walking Dead comes on this Sunday, March 17th – We will be talking to Merle and you can listen in at

Michael Rooker on G&D

Sunday, March 17th @ 7:00 PM Eastern

Michael Rooker on The G&D Show

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Ghostman & Demon Hunter March 10th @ 7:00 PM with guest Dough Jones of Hell Boy and more!







This Sunday, March 10th at 7:00 PM Eastern – Join The Ghostman & Demon Hunter as they talk to Doug Jones of Hell Boy and much more.

DDoug Jones

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Feb. 24th 7:00 PM Eastern G&D Show with guest Butch Patrick AKA “Eddie Munster

When you were a kid and took a sick day from school did you sit at home and watch old episodes of the Munsters. Of course you did. We all did. Now listen to one of your childhood icons on The  Ghostman & Demon Hunter Show. Tomorrow night – Butch Patrick AKA “Eddie Munster joins us” Sunday, Feb. 24th at 7:00 PM Eastern.


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Join me and Brian Harnois of Ghost Hunters March 2nd for a ghost hunt in NJ!

People are always asking me, when can I go ghost hunting with you? Well here’s your chance. 🙂 March 2nd in Atco, NJ. Nathan S AKA the Demon Hunter, Brian Harnois of Ghost Hunters, Elaine DeAngelo of the Haunted and L’Aura L. Hladik of Paranormal Challenge! Come on out! This is what you’ve been waiting for!

atco event

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Nathan Schoonover Media


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The Ghostman & Demon Hunter Show’s new banner.

 photo banner.jpg

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The G&D Show Jan. 13th with

Tonight, Sunday Jan. 13th 9:30 PM Eastern. The G&D Show Brings you Patrick H.T. Doyle of SyFy’s new show Ghost Mine. Bringing you the newest stories before they even happen!

SyFy's Ghost Mine

SyFy’s Ghost Mine

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G&D Returns! The World Must Be Ending! Dec. 16th

Join the Ghostman & Demon Hunter Show for their End of the World Return December 16th at 9:30 PM Eastern.


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