Pennhurst Paranormal AS SEEN ON TV

I’ve gotten to investigate Pennhurst twice now. I was there once on Extreme Paranormal and once on Paranormal Challenge. It’s a great place but it has always been closed to the public. They are now open for ghost hunters for $1000 a night. It’s a lot of money but they allow 20 people so if you ever wanted to host an event it might be a good place. Looks like they also have public hunts for a $125 but the page says they only investigate Mayflower and Quaker was my favorite. Here’s the page if you would like to check it out.

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6 thoughts on “Pennhurst Paranormal AS SEEN ON TV

  1. lee

    Have you ever investigated those many legends and stories of the speculated paranormal goings on at homes and other structures there in Newton? Right where a fire station sits now, right next to a cemetery, near the outskirts of town, there used to be … a house. A scary house. I know bec I once stayed in it with my family.

    • I think I know which Firehouse you mean. I used to be a member of that fire department and we used to hear someone walking around in there all the time. It was one of my first solo ghost hunts. I don’t have any of the old recordings we took but I did believe the building to be haunted.

      • lee

        Did you ever check out the Gingerbread Castle in Hamburg? Best camera imaging on a gloomy, drizzly night. Not sure if that type of obscure weather affects the pixels, sometimes generating near to recognizable forms. But way back when, I don’t think our little Kodak instamatics had that technology.

  2. lee

    1970-1971. Running downstairs as soon as the “furniture moving” sounds and thuds began in the attic did not help at all to quell the fear we felt bec we’d have to go back up there before dawn to get our clothes and other stuff for school. And if our dogs, one was part wolf, fled to the stairs before us, it proved there was, indeed, something to be afraid of. Our cat used the quickest escape route, a hole in the floor, situated right over a dining room table.

  3. lee

    I was so fearful of something happening to us so I gathered almost all my cherished and childhood treasures and hid the stash in different locations in the gloomy basement, carving out niches in the cement, brick, and stone pillars and foundation. My dog Duke was the only “live” witness and I know no one else had seen this secret event. But the very first time I sarw one if my prized baseball cards laying on top of a ledge near where some of my things were hidden way down inside part of the bricked foundation wall, it was the last time I ever went down there again. I did intend to get my property as soon as someone would go with me but none of my sisters would dare. Baseball cards, trinkets, pen knives, etc., possibly of value today, gone with the razing of the house to build a fire station.

  4. lee

    I still lament the loss of my cereal box top camera. It took me a very long time to get the needed money and cereal proofs and a long time to receive the camera. It had several rolls of film, too. All those tiny, collected, acquired parts of my childhood years and the loss of them for whatever reasons, are haunted memories I can’t flee away from, they are an indelible and integral link to my past and the self I once had been. And still am today.

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